Massive Darkness is a dungeon crawling board game for 1-6 players from Cool Mini or Not. It is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, and has far exceeded its funding goal.

You play as one of six distinct heroes with customizable classes in a random dungeon. You do battle with random wandering monsters, and there is a darkness mechanic that allows you to get the drop on unsuspecting foes. The game requires no dungeon master – every player will be working together to defeat enemies and accomplish objectives.

Massive Darkness Character Dashboard
The character dashboard tracks your health, gear and experience.

Another interesting mechanic has the enemies equipping gear up to a level higher than themselves. According to the promo video, the best gear in the game won’t be sitting in a dusty chest, you will actually have to battle some big baddies to earn it.

Characters are laid out on dashboards that track your stats, gear and what you’ve spent on more powerful abilities.

The crowdfunding campaign was several additional options for funding beyond the base game, including enemy packs and dice.

Check out this gameplay video:


If you are interested in helping fund this project, the deadline for contributions is Thursday, July 7.