Wonder Woman

Tom Awesome’s Review Score: 9

What would happen if you paired a noble Amazon with a thief, a criminal and a murderer and tasked them with saving the world? It may sound like a Final Fantasy storyline, but with stars like Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, Wonder Woman is an epic adventure that you should see on the largest screen possible.

The movie starts with a tie-in to Batman v. Superman and plays out like an extended flashback. Diana Prince, a.k.a. Wonder Woman, connects with Pine after he accidentally crashes into the Amazon’s secret island paradise while on a mission during World War I.

After hearing the British pilot’s tale, Diana is compelled to help him escape. In doing so, she is forever exiled from her homeland. Being raised on an island of all women in a Greek paradise, the outside world is full of shock and wonder for the heroine. Some of the funniest and most charming bits play out as she struggles to understand the world, and woman’s supposed place in it.

wonder woman 2.png

Paired with a ragtag group of allies, the group sets off on a JRPG-style adventure to save the world from total destruction. The baddie was kept concealed until the final sequence, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was not who I expected.

There is plenty of action along the way as the group crosses no-man’s land, rescues villages and leverages Wonder Woman’s amazing abilities to infiltrate enemy-controlled territory. From an inexperienced warrior and world-traveler to a badass female hero, Diana’s journey is outstanding.

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The Good – Gadot and Pine shine. Gadot is as powerful and agile as she is beautiful, and aided by special effects she is every bit the Amazon warrior princess. Pine is just a guy, yet he conveys emotion, heart and grit as he sinks everything he can into ending the Great War. The other characters provide their own usefulness, and each shines in their own moments. And finally, the special effects were awesome. The action and destruction was terrific, while not bogging down the flow of the story.

The Bad – There was no Spider-Man trailer? Much like Guardians of the Galaxy, I couldn’t find much not to like. Perhaps Gadot was too distractingly beautiful?

The Verdict – Wonder Woman is a must-see film. Action, adventure, a touch of romance. A unique setting for a superhero film, it often felt like a much more interesting version of Captain America. There was lots of violence, but the gore factor was very light. I would recommend this movie for all superhero fans, as well as those who want a strong female lead and light drama mixed in with the action. As long as you don’t mind a bunch of sword fighting and shooting, you can bring the whole family.

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