I recently had the good fortune to interview Brian Shea, digital editor at Game Informer. Shea was kind enough to invite Mrs. Awesome and I tour the magazine’s office.

Tom Awesome in front of the Game Informer office
Tom Awesome is a huge fan of Game Informer

The office is located in downtown Minneapolis and houses about 20 full-time employees. If you are interested, you can check out a complete staff listing on the Game Informer website.

Tom Awesome with Editor-in-Chief Andy McNamara
It was a great pleasure to meet one of the original employees of Game Informer. McNamara had a byline in the very first edition.

I got to meet almost the entire staff, including Editor-in-Chief Andy McNamara. It was amazing how kind and generous the staff was, taking time out of their busy day to greet us, and talk a little bit about what they do.

As you can imagine, the decorations in the office were amazing. Game Informer has some awesome cover art, and there are action figures and memorabilia on the walls and mutiple workstations.

The most impressive feature in the office is the fabled Game Informer vault. The magazine keeps an archive of nearly every game ever made. I had no idea there were so many games for the Sega Saturn, and it was interesting to see the evolution of game packaging over the years.

For someone who loves to write about games and record podcasts, this was an unbelievable trip. Game Informer creates a ton of great content, and it was great fun to get a behind-the-scenes look. I encourage you to subscribe to the print magazine, and check out all the great content on GameInformer.com.

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