The Punisher has been one of my three favorite characters since I first got into comics in high school. After enduring an awful, and a couple pretty bad portrayals on the big screen, I am cautiously optimistic the new Netflix series will do Frank Castle justice. Check out the new trailer for the show below!

A few of my key takeaways from the trailer:

  • Jon Bernthal is the man! He captures the look of The Punisher perfectly. I thought Thomas Jane did a decent job as Frank Castle in 2004, with the exception that he was too good-looking. I didn’t quite get the Vietnam vet/vicious vigilante vibe from him. I think Bernthal nails it.
  • I’m a big believer in the Netflix format. It gives story arcs a longer window to play out, and I am excited to see how complex a tale they can weave.
  • I get the feeling that Frank is going to take on the entire U.S. government, and it raises a red flag for me. I think The Punisher is at his best taking down armies of organized crime.

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