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Review: Thor Ragnarok

Rogue Hippo’s Review Score: 8

I have an internet connection, and I saw Thor: Ragnarok over the weekend, which makes me more than qualified to write a review (spoiler-free as usual).

Full Disclosure: I would never call myself a Thor fan.  I thought the previous movies were mediocre, I’ve never read any Thor comic books, and I’ve always viewed Thor as simply a walking stoic-warrior stereotype.

So, with all the being said, I thought Thor: Ragnarok was fucking…  Continue reading “Review: Thor Ragnarok”

Review: The Dark Tower Trailer

I’m a huge Dark Tower fan.  The story and it’s characters/world rates up there among my all-time favorites with the likes of Stars Wars, Aliens and Middle-Earth.  My friends and family know this, so my brother didn’t hesitate to inform me when he noticed the new Dark Tower trailer this morning:

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Outside is Overrated Walks MSP ComiCon

As a comic enthusiast, former drama participant and podcast luminary, I have always been enthralled with the idea of going to ComiCon.  For some reason or other, I never actually made it to a convention until the MSP ComicCon 2016 program.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wasn’t sure if I should wear my Wolverine costume or do something a little more low-key. After a surprisingly lethargic discussion, the wifey and I both donned Batman undies and Spiderman shirts to browse the wonders of the grandstand at the Minnesota State Fair.

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