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Review: It Comes at Night

Rogue Hippo’s Review Score: 7.5

I went to see It Comes at Night on a whim, and I have to say it left me disappointed.  However, the more I think about it, the more I realize how clever it is.  So, let’s break down It Comes at Night! Continue reading “Review: It Comes at Night”

Top 5 Movies That Fueled My Sense of Adventure

FACT: People love lists, consistency and alliteration.

With that in mind, I bring you the third edition of “Top 5 Friday”; a weekly (or bi-weekly, if I’m being honest) list of dork topics, random thoughts and balderdash.

Kids today.  They don’t play outside, they have no imagination, and they can’t stand the thought of being without their smartphones for even a second.  Luckily, Rogue Hippo is here to tell the Millennials exactly what’s wrong with them… Continue reading “Top 5 Movies That Fueled My Sense of Adventure”

Review: Life is Strange

Rogue Hippo’s Review Score: 9

I’m an old-school gamer with limited time for video games.  When I do find some time, I prefer NES games, SNES games and 10-20 year old strategy/rpg games.  So when I can’t stop playing a new(ish), story-driven game about a Continue reading “Review: Life is Strange”

Review: The Dark Tower Trailer

I’m a huge Dark Tower fan.  The story and it’s characters/world rates up there among my all-time favorites with the likes of Stars Wars, Aliens and Middle-Earth.  My friends and family know this, so my brother didn’t hesitate to inform me when he noticed the new Dark Tower trailer this morning:

Continue reading “Review: The Dark Tower Trailer”

Asskicking throwdown

stryder HD created has an interesting pretense: would would happen when two high profile assassins tangle? It becomes a real battle royale at the end!


Franco and Cranston Get Weird in “Why Him”

Finally, the stars have aligned to bring together the dream team of James Franco and Bryan Cranston in Why Him? Franco plays a rich, eccentric young man who smiles a lot, who is in love with Cranston’s daughter. Cranston is not fond of him.

Continue reading “Franco and Cranston Get Weird in “Why Him””

Logan Trailer Features Jackman as Wolverine Again

Sure, we’ve had actors portray Spider-Man since Tobey Maguire donned the red spandex in 2002, but somehow Hugh Jackman keeps churning out Wolverine movies. The most recent (and “last”) film, Logan, recently revealed an initial trailer.

Continue reading “Logan Trailer Features Jackman as Wolverine Again”

Dr. Strange 8-bit Trailer

The talented folks at JoBlo Movie Trailers have produced another gem with the Dr. Strange 8-bit Movie Trailer:

Continue reading “Dr. Strange 8-bit Trailer”

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Trailer

Marvel just released a sneak peek of the Guardians of the Galaxy 2:

The trailer doesn’t show much, but it does get me excited to see my man Chris Pratt in action again.

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