Outside is Overrated. When is the last time you heard of an indoor shark attack? Have you ever tried playing a living card game at the park, only to have Gandalf blow away? Unless you have a pile of the bodies in the basement, it is virtually impossible to have a zombie horde shamble into your living room.

Mankind has spent thousands of years trying to perfect the indoors. Enjoy the fruits of those labors with your favorite games. Whether piling up hours in your favorite epic RPG, flushing Cylons out the airlock in Battlestar Galactica or enjoying a Magic duel with that special someone in your life, Outside is Overrated will be here to entertain you with our thoughts on gaming, comics, TV and movies.

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Meet the Team

Tom Awesome and Lowell
Tom Awesome does occasionally venture outdoors, usually under duress.

Tom Awesome

Tom is a writer based in lovely Roseville, Minnesota. Tom and his amazing wife created Outside is Overrated as a creative outlet that melds his writing skills and his passion for gaming.

Tom loves tactical board games, and those with a hidden traitor. His favorites include Battlestar Galactica and Memoir 44.

He is also an avid console gamer, with the occasional foray onto PC. He plays multiple genres, but favors RPGs.

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Rogue Hippo

Rogue Hippo is based out of Fort Pierce, Florida. He contributes to Outside is Overrated as often as his moderately hectic life allows.

The Hippo is the self-proclaimed King of Netflix. He was granted this honorary title by watching more Netflix than any respectable person should.

He loves board games of all types.  He prefers Ameritrash, dice-chucking, conquest games but can stomach a Euro game if the company is right.

Rogue Hippo is also a mighty PC gamer and unabashed Nintendo fanboy.  He prefers RPGs and strategy games but will also play any Mario, Zelda or Metroid game in existence.

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