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Princess Rap Battle

Actor/Singer Whitney Avalon has created Princess Rap Battles, pitting iconic princess from a variety of IPs up against each other in lyrical throwdowns. One of my favorites is Daneyaris vs. Maleficient:

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What Happens When Mario Dies

As reported by Suriel Vazquez on Game Informer’s website, (original article) , some fans took a deep dive into what happens when Mario fails to leap across a crevasse:

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Virtual reality may have a killer hook coming up – a Star Wars movie starring Darth Vader.

For more information on the project, check out the article on Game Informer, the original report on The Verge.

Ranking the Hero Movies of 2016…So Far

2016 has been a huge year for Superhero movies. With Suicide Squad and Doctor Strange yet to go, here is how Tom Awesome ranks the Superhero Movies of 2016….so far.

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Outside is Overrated Podcast Episode 2 – Game of Thrones

In the second episode of Outside is Overrated, Tom Awesome and DooHow discuss Game of Thrones, from George R.R. Martin’s books through the hit HBO show.

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8-Bit Trailer – Captain America: Civil War

I came across this awesome trailer for Captain America: Civil War on YouTube.

This trailer was created by JoBlo Movie Trailers.

Kickstart Ads – The FREAK CHAIN!

I think Mountain Dew Kickstart has some of the most entertaining ads. Their recent Freak Chain was particularly ridiculous.

Their 2016 Super Bowl spot was also particularly quirky:

I don’t drink much for soda or energy drinks anymore, but when I do it’s usually a black cherry Kickstart. Did you know you can order it on Amazon?
Mountain Dew Kickstart Flavor Assortment Pack: 2 Orange, 2 Black Cherry, 2 Limeade, & 2 Fruit Punch

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