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Bethesda E3 Showcase – E3 2018

A couple of months ago, the talk around the interwebs would be if Bethesda was even going to have a press conference at E3 2018. What games do they have in progress? Do they really have anything major to discuss? Nothing that can be the tentpole of a conference like Wolfenstein II last year or Doom the year before, right?

Well, all it took was a “Please Stand By” and a Vault Boy Bobblehead to instantly throw any doubt out the window. Well, that and a surprising return to Rage… Continue reading “Bethesda E3 Showcase – E3 2018”

XBox E3 Briefing – E3 2018

We have progressed to Day -1 of E3 2018 and it is time for Microsoft to literally take the stage. So let’s just jump right into it!

Why E3 2018 is Important to XBox

Ever since E3 2013, Microsoft has been doing their best to recover from the unfortunate messaging they placed around the launch of the XBox One. Fighting from behind from that moment on, the team at XBox, led by Phil Spencer, have been attempting to right the ship and try to return the brand to the glory days of the XBox 360.

While the XBox One is still dwarfed by the PlayStation 4 in sales by about a 2-to-1 margin, Microsoft is continuing to double-down on trying to please and entice fans with programs that are placing gamers first. With their extremely noble effort on backwards compatibility, now having numerous Original XBox and XBox 360 games up-rezzed and available on XBox One, and XBox Game Pass, a subscription service allowing access to an ever-changing list of games, they have done a lot to right the wrongs of the past.

But, one big thing they haven’t addressed still remains – where are the exclusive games? Continue reading “XBox E3 Briefing – E3 2018”

EA Play Showcase – E3 2018

It is that time of year that all hardcore videogame followers yearn for – the kick-off of the Summer Gaming Convention Season with the Electronics Entertainment Expo (a.k.a. E3 Baby!)

I’m HobbyBoxBurns and I’m starting off my contributions to Outside is Overrated by following the announcements and hubbub surrounding E3 2018.

For the uninitiated, E3 is the first showcase of the gaming fiscal year where all of the gaming publishers and developers gather in Los Angeles, CA to show off what they are cooking for the coming year and beyond. However, this isn’t just targeted at games enthusiasts (in fact, regular fans couldn’t even attend the event until last year) – it is also where the companies pitch their roadmap to investors and wholesalers as to why their games are going to be awesome and need to be distributed in mass quantities everywhere.

Anyway, enough with the E3 background, and onto the first conference/showcase of E3 2018 with the EA Play Showcase.

Continue reading “EA Play Showcase – E3 2018”

A Lonely Seadog – Three Hours with Sea of Thieves

Rare’s Sea of Thieves promises a pirate’s bounty. The shared world pirate adventure allows you and your friends to crew a ship, explore islands, hunt for treasure and plunder other players. An amazing premise, but my first three hours with the game left me feeling salty.

Continue reading “A Lonely Seadog – Three Hours with Sea of Thieves”

Illustrator John Gallagher on Working in Movies, DC Shows, Comics and Gaming

John Gallagher is an entertainment illustrator who has worked in screen-based entertainment since 1995. His resume includes four seasons working on The Flash, as well as two on Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Falling Skies, Once Upon a Time and dozens of others. He also previously spent nine years working in video games at Bioware Corp prior to moving to film in 2008.

Continue reading “Illustrator John Gallagher on Working in Movies, DC Shows, Comics and Gaming”

SHOCKING Game of Thrones News

If you’re like me, you spent last night on YouTube listening to various covers of Jimmy Ruffin’s classic What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?  Take three minutes out of your busy schedule to enjoy the original work of genius: Continue reading “SHOCKING Game of Thrones News”

Olivia Mears Innovates in Cosplay and Food Fashion

Olivia Mears is an incredibly talented 26-year-old artist from North Carolina. She has gained national recognition and internet renown for some of her creations, including Taco Belle, Pizzarella and PBRmor.

Mears recently took some time to chat with OiO about her art and influences.

Continue reading “Olivia Mears Innovates in Cosplay and Food Fashion”

Preview: Cobra Kai

A co-worker just informed me that YouTube Red is releasing an internet streams series called Cobra Kai.  That’s right, Cobra Kai, as in the evil dojo from Karate Kid.  Cobra Kai takes place 30 years after the events of Karate Kid; and while the times have changed, Daniel and Johnny still can’t seem to get along.  Yes, the original Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny (William Zabka) are going head to head once again… this time as adults. Continue reading “Preview: Cobra Kai”

Review: Annihilation

Rogue Hippo’s Review Score: 6

PLOT SUMMARY:  Lena (Natalie Portman) is part of a team of scientists tasked with entering, and explaining, The Shimmer.  The Shimmer is a continuously-expanding quarantine zone around the site of a meteor strike.  On top of that, The Shimmer gradually alters the DNA of all who enter it; oh, and by the way, no one ever returns.  Lena has returned, however; and the movie begins with Lena surrounded by a team of scientists who ask her to explain what happened while she was inside The Shimmer.  She proceeds to tell them the story of what befell her team. Continue reading “Review: Annihilation”

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