Outside is Overrated

Why go outside with the zombies, sharks and bugs?


Borderlands 2

Tom’s Triumphs -Surviving 15,000 Sweaty Women on the Backstreet

I have never been much of a concert-goer. To me, I’ve always looked at the cost of the ticket and compared it to a video game – and the game has always won. And when you break it down to taco terms, a video game is 120 tacos. And I love tacos. My wife, however, loves concerts and has a big thing for the Backstreet Boys.

So what do you do for the woman of your dreams for her first Mother’s Day? You get her floor seats for the Backstreet Boys, and sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Tom’s Triumphs – Apparently, Summers are for Dad Stuff

Hello, good people. Thanks for stopping by again! As the proud owner of a video game blog and podcast, you’d think my days would be brimming with gaming, to make sure these entertainment options would be overflowing with my impressions and analysis.

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