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Tom’s Triumphs – The Isolation of a Father

These are strange times. March is usually one of my busiest months of the year – it’s usually when my work has our big annual conference. If you recall, it was a crappy affair last year. This year we watched the coronavirus sweep across the U.S. with growing concern, forcing us to postpone our event two weeks before it was supposed to start.

Along with the decision to move our show came the opportunity to work from home full time. As Minnesotans were ordered to shelter in place, our intrepid heroes at OiO would be in nerd nirvana right?

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Outside is Overrated Episode 22 – Gateway to Anime

In the new edition of the podcast Scott and Joey introduce Tom to anime. The colorful trio discuss Cowboy Bebop, Princess Mononoke and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. There is also a lively discussion about the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo and listener email.

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Tom’s Triumphs – Marveling With My Love

As one of the last members of my core group of friends to get married, I’ve had no shortage of advice on how to handle holidays. I’ve long heard that eventually the magic runs out on Valentine’s Day. The gifts lose their luster and expectations sink until you’re knocking back Little Ceasers and box wine. Fortunately for my legions of loyal readers, the Awesome family isn’t there yet!

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Outside is Overrated Episode 21 – All The Final Fantasies

Tom, Joey and Brandon discuss the 15 mainline Final Fantasy games.

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Tom’s Triumphs – Reuniting With a Lost Love

Ho there wanderer, stay a while and listen.

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? And the way you compared every experience to that one until you found “the one?” What do you do when that first love wanders back into your life? And what are you supposed to do when your wife, of all people, brings this old flame back into your life?

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Tom’s Triumphs: Is This a Poop?

October is a busy month. It’s one of the most intense months of the year at work. The Vikings season is in full swing. It’s my mother-in-laws birthday. We host a Halloween party, and the dozen or so trees in our yard drop a cubic ton (or two) of leaves for us to clean up. Somehow, in the middle of it all, was a bountiful harvest of gaming.

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Tom’s Triumphs – I Am Too Old To Do Things

Shortly after my 38th birthday, I loaded my little family up for a trip to the Black Hills with the in-laws. I had never been, but it’s my wife’s favorite place on earth. So we coordinated a trip with four couples and two babies to the southwest quarter of South Dakota. The trip was amazing, but I often ended up sounding like classic detective Roger Murtaugh.

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Tom’s Triumph: A Tom in the Wilderness

You might think the brain behindĀ Outside is Overrated would be akin to Sheldon Cooper’s – believing that man has spent thousands of years perfecting inside, why would we ever go out? Alas, (or avast?) this Tom spent nearly two weeks inĀ  Alaska and the pristine wilderness of Voyageurs National Park. So did our fearless adventurer log more hours in Final Fantasy or catching fish?

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Outside is Overrated Episode 15 – Tom and Joey Work Together

Tom and Joey take a look at some of their favorite cooperative board games.

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